Our History

A family operation since 1999

Kurkov began as a family operation. We laid the foundation for our building careers as teenagers when we took on weekend projects remodeling homes, building additions, fences and decks for friends and family. In 1999, we were officially registered as a general contractor in the State of Washington. Today, we are still a family team. Three brothers, Paul, John and Russ are the owners and craftsmen behind the finish work. Remaining personally involved in each stage of the homebuilding process allows us to maintain incredible quality control and accountability to our customers. Besides improving our technical skills in construction, the lessons that we've learned and the experience that we have gained throughout the years in project management, planning, and customer involvement has really set our company apart from others.

Our family name stands behind each and every one of our projects. You can be confident in your investment knowing that we take just as much pride in our work as you will in your home.