Multifamily Services

An increasing number of multifamily property owners and managers are turning to Kurkov for help with the renovation of their multifamily units. We are your one-stop solution for the rehab of apartments, condos, multiplexes, and all other associated property such as leasing offices and cabanas. We encourage you to contact us and discover how our services can help you make the most of your multifamily property portfolio.
  1. Interior Renovation
    If it is time to upgrade the interior of your units to meet the expectations and demands of new tenants, we can help you make it a seamless process. We can take care of the entire workflow, including planning of move-outs, demolition, material acquisition, and complete renovation. Interior services we commonly provide; -Move-outs -Turn-key -Partial turns -Interior paints, trim, -Fixtures and accessories upgrade
  2. Exterior Renovations
    Exterior Renovations
    A well-maintained exterior is as important as the interior when it comes to protecting your multifamily investment and attracting new business. Exterior services we commonly provide; -Painting -Deck waterproofing, and repair -Painting, and repair of storage rooms -Painting, and repair of fences and railings -Carports -Seismic retrofit -Leasing offices -Parking lots -Pressure washing
  3. Amenity Renovations
    Amenity Renovations
    Today's apartments are becoming bigger and better. To make an apartment a home and to simplify living for their residents, apartment owners and managers must constantly provide the highest level of amenities to stay competitive in the multifamily housing business. We can assist you in meeting the demands of today's renter by building or renovating your existing amenity facilities. Below is an example of services Kurkov can provide help with; -Cabanas -Internet Cafes -Fitness Rooms -Courtyards -Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces -Playgrounds -Pools
  4. Service Guarantee
    What makes our rehab service unique is that we guarantee a 7 business-day turnaround time of each unit for a fixed cost. You will not have to worry about cost overruns or lost rent revenue because your maintenance crew took weeks to return a unit to a lease-ready status. As we go about our work, we are very interested in limiting the impact of rehab associated noise, debris, and general obstruction to existing residents. You can be certain that we will do our best to minimize our presence. We have the experienced management team to oversee every project and to guarantee that each unit is delivered on time and at the expected quality. Our skilled labor crews understand the high standard of craftsmanship that each Kurkov home project demands and carry that same level of competence to our multifamily projects.