Our Team

Built on the trust and camaraderie of brothers

The Kurkov brothers make Kurkov Construction Company what it is, a reputable company built on the trust and camaraderie of brothers. Learn about the key individuals below.
Paul Kurkov, Operations Manager

Paul brings experience and leadership to the company. His big-picture vision allows him to move the company forward and evolve into a premier organization. He understands the importance of listening to the customerís needs and has helped to present Kurkov as a trustworthy builder. Paul can often be spotted out on the jobsite, aside from the time he spends meeting with clients.

You may email Paul at paul@kurkov.com

John Kurkov, Project Design Coordinator

With an eye for design and a vision for the final product, John is the creative one of the bunch. With sketching, drafting and carving as part of his toolbox, John is an indispensable player on the Kurkov team. Heís the inventive edge that we need to stand apart from the rest of the builders.

You may email John at john@kurkov.com

Russ Kurkov, Interior Finish Manager

Russ is a talented craftsman, leading the cabinet shop in its daily production workflow. Russ received his training as a cabinetmaker from Bates Technical College and realized his dream of running his own cabinet shop by collaborating with his brothers and making custom cabinetry an integral component of each Kurkov custom home.

You may email Russ at russ@kurkov.com

Victor Kurkov, Project Manager

Victor is the latest addition to the Kurkov team. His six year service in the U.S. Army as a combat medic has helped him develop strong leadership and team-building skills. Combined with Victor's experience as an electrician and renovation supervisor, his military background has been much appreciated by his coworkers and clients alike. Victor successfully oversees many of Kurkov's multifamily renovations.

You may email Victor at victor@kurkov.com